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Class Descriptions

Little Tikes Kickboxing

Little Tikes kickboxing is a specialized kids martial arts class developed for young children. The Little Tikes curriculum focuses on age-appropriate martial arts, life skills, character development, and fitness. Little Tikes develop control of what they say, how they feel, and what they do physically. Kids love to play, and kids martial arts training at Iowa Top Team is the ultimate play that builds discipline and character skills, which will serve the little tikes well into the future. This program includes a belt ranking system. **

Boot Camp

A leaner physique, flatter abs, toned arms and tighter legs—it's not just a dream. It can be a reality with this Boot Camp Workout. You will learn how strength-training and cardio exercises can put you on the right path to your dream body. Early Morning class now available: 5:00am


Boxing offers classes where you or your children will learn from experienced instructors and train with peers in a competitive, safe, clean, and fun environment. Through a well-rounded exercise regimen including cardio and boxing, your children will develop focus, self-control, concentration, discipline, manners, and respect. Our goal is to strive towards golden gloves, silver gloves and become Olympians. **

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 

Students learn the practice of Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Luiz Claudio (2nd black belt handed out by Rickson Gracie) and Thiago Vega (4th black belt given by Rickson Gracie) with the use of the gi uniform. This class teaches submissions and chocks and how to appropriately defend submissions and chokes. Students can qualify for belts. (Age limitations will depend on skill level and size) **


Kick your metabolism into high gear with kickboxing classes. With our professional trainers, you’ll learn proper kickboxing technique and burn calories too. You will improve muscle definition, increase your aerobic capacity, and develop a discipline and focus that will benefit all aspects of your life. Whether your goal is to shed unwanted pounds, or to learn the fundamentals of proper kickboxing, our kickboxing classes will help you achieve better overall fitness and performance. ( Age limitations depend on skill level and size) This program includes a belt ranking system. **

** Class will require some equipment purchases, please contact us with questions and pricing.